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Company Background

Aggelo Engineering is a consulting firm providing engineering solutions, expert advice and hands-on support for machining, design and fabrication of products.

Our advanced machining and toolmaking skills enable fast design, prototyping and product development of advanced apparatus, tools, fixtures, prototypes and devices.

Our philosophy is to work on the floor to improve the efficiency of machine shops and fabrication facilities, ensuring quality, realiability, cost control, safety and timely operation.

Aggelo Engineering provides different levels of services, including concept creation, CAD design, prototype development, manufacturing support and continuos fabrication improvement.

Flexibility is key at Aggelo Engineering. Possibilities range from per-project deals to temporary work contract; or even full-time positions.

Aggelo Engineering can also help companies to enhance manufacturing processes, such as metal working, mold making, pressworking and assembly lines.

Customers of Aggelo Engineering include Iochpe-Maxion, Ericsson, NGK and General Motors.

From concept throught out CAD design, prototyping and volume production, you can count with Aggelo Engineering to get the job done on time !

Technical Personnel

Orlando Campaner is the founder and the engineering consultant of Aggelo Engineering.

Orlando´s extensive industry experience includes the following:

    Stamping, tooling, machining, manufacturing, operations, plastics, injection molds, mold making, metal working, press working, CAD and materials knowledge.

    10 years of experience in machine shop, assembly lines, press shop and tool room supervision.

    20+ years of experience in the design and development of tools and fixtures (stamping and forming, injection molds, jigs and gauges), including machine design (machine to extrude corrugated tubes) and manufacturing processes (assembly lines, automatic production, metal working and mold making).

    12 years in manufacturing process: metal working, mold making, pressworking, assembly lines, etc.

    CAD skills: Microstation, Unigraphics and Acad.

    Several projects in many areas, such as photo cameras, telephone, computer, appliances and automotive

Some of Orlando´s projects are shown in the Projects page.

More professional information can be found in the Downloadable Resume (word file - 29KB)



Contact Information

To discuss your engineering needs or potential opportunities please contact:

Orlando Campaner

PO Box 10024,
San Jose, CA 95157

Email: orlando @ aggelo . com

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